• 6 Tools you need to start making videos

    By Jivitha Shobashree You guys want to start making videos for YouTube, Instagram or another platform. If yes, ask yourselves these question Will I make videos consistently? Do I have the right tools for the content I want to create? Will I continue to use these tools? You do not need to spend a fortune […]

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  • 7 Habits that made Steve Jobs remarkable

    By Jivitha Shobashree There have been many entrepreneurs and CEO’s who have all been through failure and defeat, broken through those glasses/risen from the ashes and are now successful. One name which stands out from the others is the tech titan: Steve Jobs  Steve Jobs requires no introduction. His name inspires and intimidates at the […]

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  • 5 ways to grow your connections on LinkedIn

    Relation capital is the most important asset you can have By Bhumika Ramesh LinkedIn is the top site for expanding and building your network. It’s the evident leader in social media when it comes to developing connections. The more people you are connected to, the faster you grow on LinkedIn – which increases the net […]

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  • 3 Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs we Admire

    By Anusha Bapat Here’s a list of some fabulous, intelligent and entrepreneurial women who have built some of the most impressive and ingenious businesses out of nothing. These women have helped countless communities and solved major problems with their technology-based businesses.  Jasmine Crowe “I’m really motivated by all the naysayers. As long as you’re going […]

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  • networking

    3 ways to build your network in 2021

    By Bhumika Ramesh Your success might just depend on those people you know! Most of us know that networking is an essential task to keep up with connections: The right people can lead you to the right places. It is one of the most important assets in your business. Before progressing any further, let’s take […]

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  • linkedin top voices

    How to be a LinkedIn top voice?

    By Deepti Satish LinkedIn is commonly known as an “online resume”. It does resemble a resume, it exhibits your schooling history, your work experience, skills, strengths, weaknesses etc. But LinkedIn has emerged to be more than that,  it’s a networking site for business individuals and entrepreneurs helping them develop a brand, self-branding etc. Every person […]

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  • How to create a good bio?

    By Athena Joseph INTRODUCE YOURSELF  It is very obvious that people who view our bio would spare only a few seconds to look into it. And these few seconds marks the first impression. So, it is very necessary that we introduce ourselves in a short and crisp way but also makes ourselves clear to the […]

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  • digital detox

    5 Tips to have an organised digital life

    By Jivitha Shobashree We all like our houses to be neat, clean and organised. We take in the effort to remove all the unwanted stuff. It will be the same in our digital life as well. All our digital devices needs to be organised and arranged. The other need for an organised digital life is […]

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  • How to start your email list?

    By Tanyika Rai Email marketing is one of the best marketing strategies out there. No matter what kind of business you have, it’s always great to have an email list. It can help you convert subscribers into customers and helps you build relationships with them. You can also promote your business and advertise your products  […]

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  • failure

    What can you learn from failure?

    By Bhumika Ramesh “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently” Henry Ford Every single one of us has stared failure in the face at some point in our lifetime. You might ask yourself – What exactly is failure? Failure, as defined by the Oxford Dictionary, fundamentally means a lack of […]

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