• design

    Why should you design your life?

    By Bhumika Ramesh When you design your life, you control most of its aspects. You are the architect, designing the blueprint and how to lay the tiles on the paths you’re gonna walk on. Society deems that we find our one true calling when we’re young and tell us to stick with that for the […]

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  • reset

    Reset Your Routine

    By Bhumika Ramesh Resets in life are important – they help you to pause before moving forward and aid in evaluating your future paths and steps. Doing so requires consistency, hard work and a refreshed mindset. Reset as a word was derived from the world of technology – such as rebooting a computer or starting […]

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  • delegate

    Why and how to delegate?

    By Vaishnavi Kumar “You can do anything, but not everything” – David Allen  It is well known to us that no matter the amount of work we put in, we do need support and help at a point. Being efficient is a great skill, but dividing the workload is an art that only a few […]

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  • asking for support

    Why it is important to ask for support?

    By Vaishnavi Kumar Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you – Misty Copeland Asking for support in the past has been generally seen as a sign of people who are weak, dependent, and uncertain about what to do. It is assumed that they aren’t smart or brave enough to […]

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  • small business

    4 ways to support a small business

    By Vaishnavi Kumar Small Businesses are here to stay. Due to the ongoing pandemic, small businesses have emerged into the spotlight. People have started operating businesses on a small scale. Survival has become difficult as situations are uncertain. One moment everything seems to be falling in place and seconds later, a new variant of the […]

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  • uncertainty in business

    5 ways to embrace uncertainty in your business

    By Vaishnavi Kumar If there’s one thing that’s certain in business, it’s uncertainty – Stephen Covey Uncertainty in Business is a given and can happen anytime. It refers to the unforeseen risks that you might face. A natural disaster might occur or there might be sudden changes in the political, economic, or technological landscape and […]

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  • media kit

    What is a media kit?

    By Vaishnavi Kumar What is a media kit? A media kit, also known as a press kit. It is a tool that companies use to promote launches or products as well as services. It is a kit that serves as a guide to various journalists to write articles describing the company.  In simple words, it […]

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  • toxic productivity

    Toxic Productivity – All you need to know

    By Vaishnavi Kumar “NEVER CONFUSE ACTIVITY WITH PRODUCTIVITY” RICK WARREN People who misunderstand toxic productivity with being productive – you are probably reading the right thing for you today. What is toxic productivity? Toxic productivity is just a fancy term for workaholism. Workaholism means obsessing over work. Working constantly without achieving an output is not […]

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  • client boundaries

    How to Set Good Client Boundaries

    By Bhumika Ramesh As one ventures into the world of business, setting good client boundaries becomes a priority. As hard as it is to navigate around learning how to best-set boundaries, it can be an easy task if you already know your limits and convey them to the people around you. Doing so makes sure […]

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  • calendar

    3 Reasons why you need to use a calendar

    By Vaishnavi Kumar Calendars reflect what is important to us. Managing a business isn’t just hectic but also stressful. One does not want to remember and keep track of all the work & events planned just via memory. Instead using a calendar is crucial to success. A good work-life balance is possible we use our […]

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