By Vaishnavi Kumar


Calendars reflect what is important to us.

Managing a business isn’t just hectic but also stressful. One does not want to remember and keep track of all the work & events planned just via memory. Instead using a calendar is crucial to success. A good work-life balance is possible we use our time efficiently. This where living by your calendar helps. 

Here are 4 major reasons why you should set up the and follow a calendar for life and business:

  1. This is a no brainer, a calendar can help us stay organized. Being organized is crucial to success in any area. Calendars help us plan ahead and prepare well for what’s to come. It helps us prioritise. Work-life balance is something everybody struggles to achieve in today’s time. Having a calendar is one of the ways to achieve it. 
  • Jot down all the work you need to finish for the coming week, month or even year.
  • Fix a particular time. 
  • Mark it in your calendar. 
  • You can use different colours. For instance, red for important tasks and emergencies, light yellow for tasks that aren’t urgent and so on.
  • You’ll now have a proper schedule. You can inform your family and friends well in advance of your availability.

  1. Next, it keeps away unnecessary anxiety which can ruin one’s productivity. This is another reason why a calendar is important. Therefore planning your week and setting a schedule where you can give time for work as well as personal commitments may help reduce stress levels.
  • You can share it with your family and friends, so that their invites can be accommodated within your schedule.
  • This can help deal with the anxiety of not being able to complete your tasks.

  1. Lastly, calendars also do the job of reminding us to take a much-needed break. We’re conditioned to believe that taking breaks is unproductive. In reality, taking breaks increases our efficiency and productivity. It recharges our mind and body. A fresh mind and healthy body have a better capacity to handle upcoming tasks and challenges with ease and competence.

  • While setting up a calendar make sure you set apart enough time just to look after yourself and your loved ones. 

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