By Athena Joseph

“Decide on your most important task. Begin immediately and work on that task with self-discipline until it is 100% complete. In life, all success comes from completing tasks. It’s not from working at tasks, it’s from completing tasks. It is only when you complete tasks that you become successful.”

When we talk about productivity, one of the most significant ways to work more productively is to get into a routine where you wake up, work and have breaks at around the same time each day. Planning and setting up your day well, will help you get into a routine that works best for your life.

Today we share a few ways to stay productive:

Set achievable work goals : 
Set up a schedule where you can put the time frames for every goal that needs to be completed. However the most important part here is to make sure that you stick to your daily schedule throughout the week. Give yourself a  day “off,” you minimize the temptation to sabotage your daily plan.

Finish a task before starting something new : In order to finish tasks, you’ll need to make it a priority. Look at your calendar and see when it’s possible to make time to work towards completing the new projects you thought of.

Practice positive reinforcement: Happy people have more energy. When you think positive thoughts and you smile, it releases endorphins which gives you more energy. More energy means you can get more done and therefore are more productive. Manage your energy well, which means lots of sleep, reduce blue light a.k.a. devices, eat healthy, stay hydrated and take time for exercise.

Give Yourself Something To Look Forward To: At the end of the day, if you’re truly not feeling like you’re doing your best, try to set some goals for yourself and reward yourself for hitting those goals.When you have to work from home for a while, it can be easy to fall into a rut. After all, you’re in the same place day after day, and your days aren’t that varied.

Set a Deadline: Once you’ve decided to spend a certain amount of time each week (or each day) on your project, set a deadline. There are no unreasonable goals, only unreasonable deadlines. If you miss the deadline, set another deadline. This helps you get good with your ability to assess how much time a certain project or task will take. Deadlines help you get things done.

We hope you find these tips useful.