By Vaishnavi Kumar

Consistency means abiding by the principles that are or will prove good for you soon. A very famous quote says, “Consistency is more important than perfection”.

showing up

If you want to be successful then consistency is one trait you must develop and adhere to.

Let’s understand why consistency is important:

Showing up persistently is the pathway towards success in all segments of life. Refraining from committing the same mistakes and following your ambitions is what one needs to learn. When you make your efforts and intentions clear by showing up consistently, you are paving the way for a success.

For instance, if you want to get in shape, subsequent dieting and working out for one day won’t make any difference. You need to show up to the gym every day, work on improving your eating habits and over time, you’ll see the fruits of your consistency.

Similarly, building good relationships requires patience, understanding, and communication. Again, if you aren’t doing this every day or if you aren’t showing up when they need you the most, you may have a lower quality relationships. 

The same goes for businesses.

Incorporating consistency in your life will take you to new heights. This particularly holds for people involved in business. Businesses require 4 C’s- Capability, Capital, Customers, and Consistency. If any one of these is missing or lacking, especially the last one, then all the other elements count for nothing. If a person is inconsistent with their work or efforts, nobody will want to invest or deal with such companies. 

Suppose you have extraordinary skills and enough capital as well as valuable customers and dealers ready to collaborate with you. All you lack is consistency. You interact with your customers or dealers once every 6 months. Eventually, they’ll be disengaged and you’ll never know when your business has been overtaken by competition. On the other hand, if you show up consistently but lack in the other three elements, your efforts will be acknowledged and you will witness your business booming. 

Showing up regularly will not only reveal your efforts but also hone your skills and help you gain more knowledge. Opportunities will make their way towards you. Everything gets easier when you show up regularly.

How do you start to show up consistently?

Focus on what you want to achieve – Don’t get distracted. Pour yourself into the things that you want to accomplish. Give your 200% and you will enjoy the outcome.

Be organized – Start with a schedule and plan how you are going to complete what you set out to do. This way you won’t forget your commitments and you will be regular.

Find ways to fulfil commitments even if it seems impossible –  There’s always a way to make things happen. You just need to find which one works for you. 

Never give up – No matter what the situation, never give up!

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