By Bhumika Ramesh


Resets in life are important – they help you to pause before moving forward and aid in evaluating your future paths and steps. Doing so requires consistency, hard work and a refreshed mindset. Reset as a word was derived from the world of technology – such as rebooting a computer or starting afresh on a new set of codes. Applying this concept to the breaks we create in our life can help us turn over a new leaf or just produce an efficient habit. Let’s take a look at the various ways a reset can help and why it might be the next thing you need:

Evaluate and get rid of the things that are holding you back

Change is the one impermanent concept. Growing and making it through different phases in life requires you to assess and remove things that aren’t required. They might create a load of worries as well. A tip from one of Marie Kondo’s videos (the queen of organization) – be grateful for the things you had. They served you well and doing so can leave you feeling light. Uncluttered surroundings are the best background for a new start.

Zero-based Thinking

Emotions from past events and objects can hold you back from progress. A zero-based thinking strategy you can apply to help you release it healthily can start with questioning. Ask yourself  – if you could start over 20 years ago with your present knowledge, what are the things you would still make a place for? Question the purpose of things that do not find a place in your answer. Once you hone this method, apply it to every sphere – work, relationships, habits or routines

Envision the future

Focusing on the next phase after the reset helps you get your goals in place. Creating a vision board is an excellent idea to put down all your ideas in one place and focus. Put down anything you want to achieve – don’t be afraid to be bold or ambitious. It is your life and you are the driver of the vehicle. From personal goals to elevate your everyday living to investment plans – your vision board reflects your mindset. 

Resetting the body

Biological processes need to be in shape to make use of your complete potential. Setting up an exercise routine is a great way to start. Intensive workouts aren’t necessary. A bit of light yoga, with your favourite sport, is good enough. In addition, nutrition is essential. Pack in cheat days, along with your balanced diet. And lastly, but the most important – sleep. We all take it for granted most of the time, but sleep is essential for your brain to repair itself as well as your body. Giving yourself that 6-8 hours gets you ready to face the day. 

In the end, the choice of resetting lies in your hands. The element of resetting cropped up when individuals felt listless and annoyed with the way their life was looking at the present moment. Changing that requires perseverance. These tips aid you if you do plan to take the step forward.

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