• 5 things to keep in mind while choosing a mentor

    Mentoring is a great way to create support for you while scaling in your career or business “A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.”  – Bob Proctor Oprah Winfrey once said, “Surround yourself only with people who will […]

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  • favorite quotes

    16 Female Entrepreneurs share their favorite quotes

    We asked some of the coolest women in Business we know to share their favorite quotes, that inspire and motivate them. Here they are: Gina Longo: Leadership Consultant and human factors trainer and Business owner @ Gina Longo Consulting.  “Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up.”    ~ Jim Valvano I love this quote because […]

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  • Meet our fave girlboss: Ramya Setty

    1. Share with us achievements from your Life and business that you are  most proud of.  Starting Just A Thought (JAT) itself is my biggest achievement. Having worked in  a corporate set-up, leaving the security of a ‘job’ to venture on my own was  something I thought I would not be able to sustain. But […]

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  • dealing with online trolling

    Effective ways to deal with online trolling

    By Anusha Bapat When you put yourself out on the internet, you will be susceptible to a whole spectrum of criticism. Along with the positivity that encouraging messages bring, you will have to battle the negativity that comes with the naysayers. Trolling can damage your self-esteem if not dealt with the right way.  Here are […]

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  • favourite canva tools

    5 Canva tools and features everyone should be using

    By Bhumika Ramesh Almost all of us use Canva as a platform to get the best designs for our products and content. With the site getting updated now and then, here are our favourite tools and features! Importing PDFs We have all had those documents we wanted to desperately edit but realized that they were […]

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  • managing money

    How to cultivate confidence around money

    By Bhumika Ramesh Financial success is an essential thing for business owners to achieve. Failure or success of a company can depend on it. Therefore, achieving confidence with the way one handles money and financial assets is a vital part of reaching your goals. This will help you have an idea of how to navigate […]

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  • quote

    Dealing with Failure

    “Failure is not the opposite of success; it’s a part of success.”  All of us strive to fulfil our passions and achieve those dreams inside us. Isn’t that what success is usually defined as? We each have created different paths to reach these destinations. Nevertheless, most of us do not see failure as an important […]

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  • work smarter

    Work smarter, not harder and Start today!

    By Bhumika Ramesh We all want to be more productive and get more out of the hours we put in. Most of us feel we should to put in more hours and way more work to get desired results. Nevertheless, we still exhaust ourselves trying to reach such goals or deadlines. Working hard is an […]

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  • evening routines

    What’s a good evening routine?

    And why its important Most of us have a set morning routine. Brush. Shower. Yoga. Join meetings. These rows of actions enable our mind frame to be much more relaxed and start the day on a positive note. However, by evening we seem to run out of energy and turn to activities such as binge-watching […]

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  • success with savitha

    Getting back to work after a Sabbatical

    Here’s how your can bounce back like a #GirlBoss Being a modern woman is no mean feat. For one, expectations run high both at work and on the home front. And while, it’s all about balance, sometimes women have to let their professional life take a back seat to manage expectations at home. Don’t worry […]

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