By Bhumika Ramesh

Almost all of us use Canva as a platform to get the best designs for our products and content. With the site getting updated now and then, here are our favourite tools and features!

Importing PDFs

We have all had those documents we wanted to desperately edit but realized that they were PDF’s! It’s time to put away those frustrations as Canva has brought out a new feature where you can import your files and directly edit them. Upload them on the website as a new design and you can get down to changing the various images, fonts, text and way more.

Multiple Brand Kits

Ever had too many projects or clients which require separate kits? You can now create up to 100 brand kits in a single account – satisfying all those extra designs of yours! You can just upload all the brand essentials such as a branded palette, logos and fonts to supercharge your work. Teamwork becomes easier with such kits.

Copy style

Using tools may be a bit tricky, but the paintbrush icon on the top right of your screen works wonders! Called the copy style – it allows you to copy the various sets of different styles and settings from your previous works and applies it to any other text you wish to format in the same way. But unfortunately, it does not do the same for images, Nevertheless, it’s a great tool for implementing texts in your designs.

Canva Magic Resize

While handling several platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram or even your blog, you will need to resize your content pieces to fit the dimensions of each website. Canva has got this covered for you! The Magic Resize feature allows you to resize your graphics to various formats for your different platforms. This will save you time and energy that it takes to resize your graphics. You will save time with the crop tool or searching the net for the perfect size ratios.

Adding Comments

One of the most important tools for those who seem to forget their ideas or thoughts is the function to add comments. This helps you not lose those important ideas while designing your content. Working with teams makes this feature worthwhile. As you can pass on notes and comments to your colleagues without having to email each other or use other apps to correspond. 

Click on any element present on your template and a little speech-bubble will pop up. Click on it and type down those thoughts!

Here’s to creative sessions in Canva – made a little easier with all these new tools and features!