By Bhumika Ramesh

Brand design and brand identity creation is one of the first and most crucial steps in any business. It defines the niche of audience you will be reaching out to. The type of branding you choose to implement can affect long term impressions and growth rates and eventually, your success rate. Today, brand design is one of the ways you can begin to stand out from your competitors – uniqueness and familiarity are what attracts people. Starting with a visual identity is one of the best ways to captivate potential customers – a preview of your brand shows the viewer the type of service they can expect.

Here are a few tips that can help you enhance your brand and visual identity!

  • Lay out the foundation of your brand personality

Brand personality refers to the unique style or voice your brand has. To develop this, delve deeper into what your brand stands for. You can think of the mission your brand aims to accomplish or the feelings and thoughts you want people to experience when they hear or visualize your brand. Keep your ideal customer in mind as you develop your brand personality.

  • Choosing the brand palette

The colors you choose give your brand the ability to evoke feelings and bring out different moods. Choose colors that are in line with your brand personality. It influences recognition by a solid 50% ( just think of pink – brands such as Barbie or Cosmopolitan come to mind). Read into the psychology of colors to effectively develop primary and secondary palettes. Use a few specific fonts that fit in with your core colors. 

  • Designing the logo

The logo is a vital part of your brand – it is what customers associate your brand with. An effective marketing strategy usually keeps the logo at the center. Explore the other logos out there before you settle on one – being unique is quite hard in today’s world. Test out the logo on various platforms and ensure you like the way it appears. Brand designers are a good investment for this process. 

  • The Website

Your website represents your brand in the digital space, more so if your business is exclusively online. Customers will check your website before deciding to purchase your service or product so it’s important to pay attention to how your website is designed. The various images you use are also effective – choose photographs and graphic designs carefully such that they complement your brand.

  • Business Cards

Although Business cards seem redundant now, it however depends on the industry you are in. Depending on who are meeting a Business card may still be expected. You can use this as a tool in reinforcing your brand when you meet clients and other connections in person. A well-designed card reflects your brand and its personality in one look. Keep it simple: use personal details, brand colors and your logo. 

A brand encompasses the vision of your company and helps it stand out. In conclusion designing and developing factors that help enhance your Brand design is crucial. Brand identity is a great thing to depend upon to guarantee attraction and sales – if played along by the right rules. 

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