By Vaishnavi Kumar

“Celebrate every win, no matter how small”

Jack Canfield

Winning is something that everybody craves. The only difference is some people openly say that they want to win. And the others secretly wish for it deep down in their hearts. What as important as winning is celebrating your wins whether its small or big.  

Celebrating wins gives us more confidence. This attracts more success as we feel motivated and practice gratitude. It also makes as happy as we share our accomplishments and in turn we receive love and appreciation. You will feel that all the hard work seems to have paid off. Celebrating wins also works to motivate to inspire others. 

Here we share some ways to celebrate your wins :-

  • Share it with your loved ones-  This is important, often we underplay our success or dont think it is big enough to share. When you share your pain with others, it gets halved, but when you share your happiness it is doubled. Throw a small dinner party and invite your loved ones. Spend quality time with them, call up those who can’t make it and share with them the good news. This will also help you make memories which will last forever.

  • Gratitude – It’s always important to show gratitude towards those who helped you. However small or big the contribution may be. The easiest way to express gratitude is by saying thank you. You can also give them flowers or chocolates or whatever they love. It needn’t be something expensive as long as it is meaningful. Writing down your what your grateful for is also another way of expressing it.

  • Reward yourself– Watch a movie, go to a spa, order in your favorite food or anything else that you love to do. Sometimes the reward may be self care and quiet time.

  • Track your journey- Always remember where you started, and where you are today. One way to mark the date and occasion in your Diary, Journal, Yearly wins. This will give you all the more happiness as the progress you have made will make you proud of yourself. 

These are just some ways of celebrating your win. How you celebrate your wins is not what is important. Instead the celebration is!