1. Share with us achievements from your Life and business that you are  most proud of. 

Starting Just A Thought (JAT) itself is my biggest achievement. Having worked in  a corporate set-up, leaving the security of a ‘job’ to venture on my own was  something I thought I would not be able to sustain. But today after 5 years, I  know that it was a risk that was worth taking. And I’m happy to see it take shape the way it should be. So yes, JAT is my biggest achievement. To top it, the awards  that have recognized my company and me are proof of my commitment to my  work and they too are an achievement for me.  


1) “India 5000 – Women Achiever Awards 2021” – for her exceptional contribution  and work in the realm of social and corporate impact by India 5000 

2) A. Great Companies SME Business Award Winners 2021 – Just A Thought B. “SME Business of the Year Award Winner 2021” – Just A Thought  Personalised Page link 

3) “Best Content Marketing Agency 2020-India” by the Technology Innovator  Awards 2020 hosted by Corporate Vision Magazine 

2. Your favourite quote or mantra 

My success mantra, “simplicity is key to success”. I believe in robust communication  with all persons involved in a project, transparent dealings and being open. This  mantra I intend to use this along my journey to build an empire out of JAT”. 

Entrepreneurship is a journey of discovering oneself – this too has been a  motivation and a learning curve. Entrepreneurship lets you grow, shed the  unwanted ego (in most cases & ideally), learn a TON and you end up being wiser  than ever before! This is a special journey to your success, the one that gives you  the best sleep in the nights and the best foot forward each morning!  

3. People that inspire you the most 

My family, friends, my team, my mentors, every entrepreneur, and all I’ve known  & know. There’s always something to learn from & be inspired by from every  person you meet. Good / bad, any experience with any person teaches & helps  you learn and inspires you to do better every single day!