• high performance habits

    What are high performance habits?

    By Bhumika Ramesh Most of us designate a high position to productivity in our daily lives, making it a priority in some cases. We can begin by cultivating a few habits that can make this process easier. High-performance habits are key to exponential success. Maintaining consistency in these habits will aid in the elevation of […]

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  • financial habits

    5 financial habits every girl should follow

    By Vaishnavi Kumar What is the 1 thing you need to live, to fulfill all your wishes and desires. Yes, you guessed it right. It’s MONEY. And everybody knows that just merely earning money and spending it is not enough. Saving, making investments, having control over your expenses is what are most important. In short, […]

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  • Simple ways to start saving money today

    By Vaishnavi Kumar The importance of saving money was most felt the most during lockdown times. With Businesses shutting down or going bankrupt, it had a huge impact on the employees. They were the most dispensable resource. People had to fall back on savings. People often don’t understand how important it is to save money […]

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  • self care tips

    Self Care tips to try today

    By Vaishnavi Kumar “Self-care means giving yourself permission to pause.” Cecilia Tran Taking a break no matter how small is essential for the proper functioning and well being of every individual. Today we are sharing our favourite 5 self care tips that you can start doing right away. 1.Head and Face massagers: These are one […]

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  • WFH

    Simple ways to create a lovely WFH space

    By Vaishanvi Kumar WFH (Work from home) has become the new normal or lets say normal. We have all been dealing with this for almost 2 years now. But some people are yet to cope with it. It’s difficult for people with small homes, noisy surroundings, dim lights and other problems to create a nice […]

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  • How to make Self care a priority?

    By Vaishnavi Kumar “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” – Buddha Self care is extremely important in today’s life, where every second person suffers from burnout, physical as well as mental health issues. But the question that bothers most people is, how to take out time […]

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  • ideal client

    How to find your ideal client?

    By Anusha Bapat An Ideal Client is someone who finds the perfect solution to their problems or needs in the services or products that your company provides. It is important to understand your ideal client and audience for effective marketing. To begin, ask yourself three simple questions. ‘What problems does my product or service intend to […]

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  • legal set up

    Make your Business Legal

    By Anusha Bapat Setting up your Business legally may be an unnerving process. It involves fulfilling many key tasks apart from the main business setup. Not all of us are masters of law and understanding the legal requirements to set up a business can be daunting. We make this simpler for you. Here is a […]

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  • social media platform

    5 Tips to choose your social media platform

    By Vaishnavi Kumar Social media as a platform has become a very essential part of most people’s life, be it for work or entertainment. Some of the most widely used social media platforms currently are Youtube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Tik Tok and Twitter.  Social media has always been a great place to showcase your work, […]

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  • MVP

    Why creating an MVP is important?

    By Anusha Bapat A minimum viable product (MVP)  is a prototype of a product idea with basic features and characteristics that can be used by a group of early customers for feedback and product development. MVP’s help in minimizing costs. A final product is developed after analyzing the preferences and response of your early customers. […]

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