By Vaishnavi Kumar

“Self-care means giving yourself permission to pause.”

Cecilia Tran

Taking a break no matter how small is essential for the proper functioning and well being of every individual.

Today we are sharing our favourite 5 self care tips that you can start doing right away.

1.Head and Face massagers: These are one of the best and easiest ways to release stress and instantly feel good. Massage therapies are meant to improve people’s well being. 5 minutes with a hand held Head massager can help boost your well being and reduce stress instantly. This is especially helpful if you get frequent headaches and migraines. It also improves circulation and boosts happiness.

Face massagers contribute to the same and reduce signs of ageing as well. Carrying a hand held massager doesn’t require a lot of effort but the benefits are worth enjoying, you can carry this in your purse easily or stack it in your desk draw.

2. Health supplements: As a busy professional,what suffers is being able to eat on time. To make sure you’re staying on top of your health and fitness adding medically recommended health supplements are a good idea. It ensures that our body gets the required nutrients so that we are fit and fine to face any challenge and pressures in personal as well as professional life. It also improves cognitive abilities and helps you concentrate better. Keeping nutritional deficiencies at bay and managing your energy is a good self care practice.

3. Acupressure tools: Acupressure tools are also one of the best ways to relieve any kinds of stress, tension, anxiety and relax your mind and body. It also works as a medium to reduce aches and pains which you might face due to the long hours of work. Acupressure tools have varying sizes, shapes and forms and you get one that works for you. Handheld ones are easy to adapt to. Acupressure as a treatment for almost all health problems and works as an effective way of self care. It may also be a good idea to work with an acupressure practitioner to help you get started.

4. Journal: Journaling your thoughts is one of our most effective self care tips. Penning down your thoughts won’t take you much time but the relief you’ll experience after this will be your real victory. Sometimes we don’t feel like sharing our thoughts even with our closest people and that’s when Journaling comes to our rescue. Releasing our emotions and thoughts by writing will help you clear all the clutter in your mind and help you focus more on work. 

5. Hydration and Quick bites: Keeping some healthy snacks like protein bars, nuts and fruit ready at your desk is always a must. If you feel sudden weakness or you want to uplift your mood, or miss a mail, having something ready on hand helps. Drink lots of water, eat, take a deep breath will all help you when you don’t have a moment in your day for yourself. This will even help you focus better. 

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