By Anusha Bapat

An Ideal Client is someone who finds the perfect solution to their problems or needs in the services or products that your company provides. It is important to understand your ideal client and audience for effective marketing. To begin, ask yourself three simple questions. ‘What problems does my product or service intend to solve?’,  ‘Who do I want to serve? Who is my ideal client and what characteristics will they have?’

  1. Analyse your audience and build a client profile.

Researching factors like geography, age, gender, occupation and income level can instantly give you a clearer picture as to how you should appeal to your audience. Conduct surveys to study psychographics like lifestyle, behaviourism and ideologies. The goal is to use this research to find where your ideal client is at.

  1. Instantly draw in ideal customers with an effective marketing strategy.

Identify which social media app your clients use the most. Start promoting your content on the app on which they are likely to find you easily. You want to emotionally resonate with your client and build their trust in you. Your marketing needs to allow customers to relate to you. They need to be reassured that you are providing them a solution for their problem. Don’t hesitate to scrutinize the social media app analytics. This will help you identify what marketing works best your clients. 

  1. Differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Chances are, your competition is trying to win over a similar set of customers. Conduct competitor analyses. This will not only give you more data on your customers but it will also show you the gaps and positives in the competitions marketing. Show your customers what they would miss out on if they didn’t choose you. Why are you the brand that best addresses their needs? Engaging more often with your clients and conducting timely surveys can help you anticipate future trends. And be ahead of the competition. 

An ‘ideal client’ is a very dynamic concept. The perfect client today, might not need your product or service tomorrow. Similarly the opposite can also be true. Someone you would never consider a prospective customer today, might become your client in a few months when trends shift. Your market survey needs to be a continuous process for you to constantly attract the best set of customers.  

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