By Vaishnavi Kumar

Social media as a platform has become a very essential part of most people’s life, be it for work or entertainment. Some of the most widely used social media platforms currently are Youtube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Tik Tok and Twitter. 

Social media has always been a great place to showcase your work, as it reaches a larger audience in just a click. And it is one of free marketing tools available today. Well it is not completely free as it does take time. Businesses and Users alike are using such platforms for a variety of reasons. From content creation to marketing their products online, from using it to earn money, to only viewing as an audience/buyer, from just posting self-pictures to using it as a medium to learn, buy, create awareness and what not! 

We are sharing a few tips which may help you choose the best one for your business:-

  • Identify the reason – The first thing is to recognize why you need a social media platform. This is the first step towards choosing your platform. It will give you more clarity and will make it easier to choose. Set some goals around what you want to achieve via Social Media.

  • Recognize your target audience – The second and most important thing is to identify your audience. If your content is focused more on engaging Gen Z then Instagram and YouTube is the best platform for you! If sharing professional information, LinkedIn is the apt platform for you. However if your audience is on WhatsApp then you may have to find ways to market on that particular platform. Hence identify where your audience is at. And then choose your platform accordingly.

  • Study and compare various platforms – The third step is to study and understand each platform thoroughly. Each platform has its own way of engaging people, its own set of audience. Learn all the features, how the platform works, what are some best practices etc. This will help you leverage the platform well.

  • Keep an eye on your competitor – What platform are they on? And where do they have the most traction and engagement. Therefore this is also an important step in choosing your platform. It’s always a good idea to keep a watch on your competition.

Ultimately what matters is not the platform name, but where your audience resides and which platform will help you grow your Business. Research is the first step towards any work. Hence, take into consideration all the factors and choose the best platform. Don’t just jump onto all the platforms at once.

First set up one platform and grow it to a certain level before you start another one. This will help you stay consistent and also make it sustainable for you to grow faster and better.

We hope these tips help you in choosing the best platform and reaching new heights. 

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