By Deepti Satish

LinkedIn is commonly known as an “online resume”. It does resemble a resume, it exhibits your schooling history, your work experience, skills, strengths, weaknesses etc.

But LinkedIn has emerged to be more than that,  it’s a networking site for business individuals and entrepreneurs helping them develop a brand, self-branding etc.

Every person on LinkedIn creates a chance to make their opinion known. They get to write article, posts, show off their skills, voice their opinions on certain situations. 

Every year, LinkedIn honours over 300 writers by compiling a list known as the “Linkedin Top Voices.”

The LinkedIn top voices is a LinkedIn initiative that recognises influencers who succeed on the social media platform. They’re the ones who took advantage of every blogging feature—articles, posts, comments, and so on—and made their voices and viewpoints heard by everyone

The Top Voices on LinkedIn are chosen based on a set of parameters related to app engagement, including:

However, just posting consistently will not help you reach the top voices list. It’s all about connecting with people, communicating, networking, and creating a tribe.

People on the list have been very engaging and interactive with their audiences over the year via their posts.

  • Engagement provided by posts, including responses, comments, and shares across all content created by each member)
  • Follower growth over time-based on posting cadence – that is, how often and how much they post to LinkedIn

Linkedin has top voice lists for various categories. Such as: 

Data Science and AI, Design, Education, Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Equity in the Workplace, Finance and Economy,  Frontline Health Care, Frontline Retail, Job Search and Careers, Marketing and Advertising, Sales, Sports, Technology

Things to consider if you want to be a top voice:

  1. Consistency is key: The more you write, the more your audience will recognise you. As a result of your consistency and interaction on the website, more users will reach out to you. People like it when you try to bring out more content and socialise with others, and this will draw them to your page.
  2. People crave real content: Viewers want to know how you feel and what your thoughts are on the topic. Raw content piques their interest further. They aren’t interested in reading any more cliched stories or blogs. Your audience will want to come for more if they savour your authenticity. 
  3. Use hashtags to join in on public opinion. To join new, relevant audiences with your content, use three to five relevant hashtags in your posts. You will also join a feed and react/comment on discussions from the viewpoint of your company when you connect your LinkedIn Page with related hashtags in your Communities Hashtags panel, further introducing your brand identity to new, relevant audiences.
  4. Share a lot of video and visual content: Make sure you have a lot of eye-catching graphics in your marketing mix. Unique imagery, especially videos, stands out more on feeds, making your brand (and Page) stick out.

Some of LinkedIn top voices 2020 are:

  1. Hansi Mehrotra – Founder, The Money Hans
  2. Kamalika Paddar – Manager – Business Intelligence, Axis Bank
  3. Nischala Murthy Kaushik – Global Marketing Director – CTO office, Wipro
  4. Ritu Anand – Chief Leadership & Diversity Officer, TCS
  5. Sugandha – Project Manager, Title operations, Netflix
  6. Roopa Kudva – MD. Omidyar Network India
  7. Abhijit Bhaduri – Founder & CEO Abhijit Bhaduri & Associates 
  8. Aditya Vivek Thota – Software engineer, Visa 

You can look at their pages for inspiration as to how to improve your LinkedIn profile.