By Bhumika Ramesh

Your success might just depend on those people you know!

Most of us know that networking is an essential task to keep up with connections: The right people can lead you to the right places. It is one of the most important assets in your business. Before progressing any further, let’s take into account the years 2020 and 2021, where a lot of social meetings couldn’t take place due to the restrictions. How do you go about building your network then, especially if you aren’t a people person?

To help you build a stronger network, here are a few tips:

  • Stay up to date in your field!

As you start building networks, it’s important to stay on top of the news in your relevant industry or field. Read those newspapers, subscribe to newsletters and keep up with some of the big speakers and influencers in your field. Use Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn regularly. Interaction can help you develop new networks and possibly acquire new clients. 

By staying up to date, you can effortlessly bring these topics into conversations with new people online or start them out as ice-breakers!

  • Construct win-win situations.

When both parties gain something from the interaction, it’s a much more beneficial situation. In doing so, both parties feel useful and the other person may reach out to you for more opportunities in the future. Building these long-term relationships goes a long way, especially in a business-oriented field.

  • Re-connect. 

Nobody likes that one friend who decides to contact us after years for a small favour. We typically don’t want to go out of our way for them. To avoid this situation, follow up with people you meet. Talk with them regularly, and stay in contact with them.

Social media can help you do so too. Sustaining relationships makes the other person turn out to be more favourable to you in the future.

A strong and huge network can very well lift you to heights. Interacting with different people from different walks of life gives you an understanding of diversity. Different points of view help you expand your knowledge and so do your communication skills improve. To conclude, the process of networking is a pivotal factor in the life of any businessperson.