By Anusha Bapat

Here’s a list of some fabulous, intelligent and entrepreneurial women who have built some of the most impressive and ingenious businesses out of nothing. These women have helped countless communities and solved major problems with their technology-based businesses. 

Jasmine Crowe

“I’m really motivated by all the naysayers. As long as you’re going after something that you love, you shouldn’t give up on your dreams. That’s the biggest thing” says Crowe. 

She launched her brand, Goodr, in 2017. Goodr is an Atlanta based, sustainable surplus food management platform that leverages technology with a goal to reduce food waste and combat hunger. The platform provides an end to end logistic solution to pick up and donate excess food and distribute it to underprivileged communities. Crowe started out as a solo entrepreneur in a one-bedroom apartment; despite facing a lot of doubt from investors, the venture is now valued at over $12 million. We commend this hunger hero and business savvy do-“Goodr”!

You can find her on Linkedin here

Ritu Narayan

Ritu Narayan started Zūm, a mobile app that enables parents to schedule rides for their kids from fully vetted drivers. It also partners with school districts to support their transportation needs. A lot of women stagnate their career because of the hassle of childcare. Ritu’s goal was to create a reliable service for easier and safer transportation for kids. 90% of the zūm drivers are women with childcare experience. Zūm has expanded to 7 states and partnered up with more than 2000 schools. 

Find her on Linkedin here

Yunha Kim

Yunha Kim founded the #1 wellness and sleep app called Simple Habit which offers short audio meditations to help with issues including stress, weight loss, relationships and even better sleep. The app has a library of over 1600  paid and unpaid guided meditations. Yunha made an unforgettable appearance on Shark Tank where her pitch was rejected. She went on to feature in the 30 under 30 list in 2017. 

We applaud these extraordinary, hardworking women who have broken through in a man’s world and built breathtaking, lucrative business empires.

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