Relation capital is the most important asset you can have

By Bhumika Ramesh

LinkedIn is the top site for expanding and building your network. It’s the evident leader in social media when it comes to developing connections. The more people you are connected to, the faster you grow on LinkedIn – which increases the net you cast. It is a great field to interact with professionals. However, it might be intimidating for the beginner.

 In building an efficient network on LinkedIn, connections are the most important element to be taken into consideration. Strategically building your first connections leads to a much wider reach to the second and third connections of everyone else. 

Here are a few ways to increase those connections and make sure you reach the next tier in your business network!

  • Post regularly

Being active ensures your posts are seen by the LinkedIn community. There are more opportunities for people to interact with you through liking, sharing or commenting on your posts. Posting images or videos ensure greater attention and participation and expose you to more relevant and potential connections.

  • Personalize your connection requests.

When sending connection requests to those in your industry or simply in the process of expanding your network, personalization goes a long way. Personalised messages show invested time and the recipient has more chances of accepting the request.

  • Engage with your feed

A simple like or comment on your connections’ posts is a nice way to show you’re interest in their content. By joining a few conversations on posts, you can build an audience too. This gives you visibility and greater outreach, and all this while becoming a familiar face in your community!

  • Utilize keywords in your profile.

LinkedIn segregates user’s searches based on keywords in their profiles. Having optimized keywords direct searches to you and increases the amount of audience reaching your profile. Completing your profile and adding details such as education, skills and projects undertaken will also contribute.

  • Join or create LinkedIn groups.

Creating or joining a LinkedIn group allows you to connect with various professionals in the same industry as you. You could meet Business partners and clients here. These groups allow you to build a relevant network. You can share information and opinions from articles and current news to enhance your views and in turn build your engagement.

Start today! Building quality connections on LinkedIn is a good way to begin. Using these tips might just get you those viable connections!