-By Sowmya Narasimhan

One of the powerful tactics of business is your own story, if you know how to say it. In a business, it is very important to possess great communication skills and to put through your views in the most persuading manner. And today we are referring to, the elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is a brief, persuasive speech that you use to spark interest in what your organization does. In our current digital world we use this to introduce ourselves online. 

Here is all you should know about creating an interesting and memorable online intro.

Identifying your goal

Pick out the right objective of your pitch. Figure out what’s more promising about your business that can reach your target audience. Make sure you include all the important points in your intro.


You can start by explaining how your organization works. Ask yourself what you want your audience to remember most about you. Make sure your pitch isn’t too complicated and long because as the name suggests a good elevator pitch should not last longer than a short elevator ride of 20 to 30 seconds.

Creating engaging content

You can also add a question, at the end, to engage your target audience. The question should be related to your pitch so that you don’t deviate from your intro. It’s advisable to frame open-ended questions and make sure you’re ready with a satisfying answer to the question.

Syntax of sentences

Once you’re ready with your pitch, put it all together and structure it well. You can also check the timing and remove few sentences if you feel they’re unnecessary. Avoid adding the question in-between your pitch because you might end up losing time while discussing it.


The way of conveying your ideas equally matters. You have to be humble and confident. Make sure you use professional words and do not include sentences that could hurt someone’s sentiments. Remember to highlight what makes you and your company unique.

Have a quick run-through

“Practice makes a man or woman perfect”

Once you’re all set with your pitch rehearse it until you are confident and it feel elegant to your own ears instead of awkward.

Make sure it doesn’t seem like a rude or aggressive sales pitch. Beware of your body language too. You can practice it in front of a mirror or ask your colleagues to give you their suggestions and feedback.

These are some simple steps that you can follow and create your own elevator pitch and make your first impression the best impression.

When will you use your Online intro?

When you create a video, host a live, join a meeting on Zoom, make a Facetime or Skype call for work and create videos for social media.

We recommend this book for more on Elevator Pitches –The New Elevator Pitch: The Definitive Guide to Persuasive Communication in the Digital Age -By Chris Westfall