This October 18th on the auspicious day of the birthday of Mother Cauvery, we launched our community not for profit initiative. Titled “Coorg Women in Business” we aim create support and help women owned businesses from the community.

This is primarily a community + biz building platform to empower women who run or want to start a business from the Kodava community.

We will bring together small business, support and enable them through both private and government supported programs, create a platform that will enable them to network and collaborate, support a community marketplace, provide learning and hope to help grow local brands.

Why this initiative?

As a Kodava myself with deep love for the land I have seen over the years so many creative and enterprising women start businesses from their estates. With everything I have learned I ask myself why not do my bit to help bring my skills of online marketing, building brands to help these businesses.

To me this is a small but important project. I hope it will create massive impact.

Support us by following us on our Instagram on https://www.instagram.com/successwithsavitha/ or Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/coorgwomeninbusiness

Do participate and engage with us.