-By Anusha Bapat

The first day at a job is always exciting for the new recruits who are bubbling with enthusiasm, ready to give it their all.

As an employer, it is equally important to make their onboarding experience as simple and positive as possible. Employees don’t want to feel lost and alone on their first day; they want to be welcomed into a happy workplace, meet their new teammates and be informed on the important details.

A good onboarding process has many benefits, including a better relationship with colleagues, long-term employee retention, increased motivation, and improved performance. It’s a good idea to convey your expectations and company values in a friendly and undemanding manner. 

Here are some fail-proof ways to appreciate and welcome your new recruits:

  • Plan a team lunch during the first week.

Your other employees are acquainted and comfortable with each other. It is not unusual for the newcomer to feel left out and scared to ask questions. Having a casual meeting over lunch can help them get out of their element and break the ice. Being more comfortable with their coworkers will automatically familiarize them with the environment. 

  • Don’t assign duties in the first week, focus on training and informing. 

Focusing on a functional and utilitarian training in the first week will give newcomers a clearer picture of their new job. It’s vital to explain company policies during this time. An in-depth and well rounded training week can set the tone for the quality of their future work. Establish key goals and allow them to pace themselves and adapt to the schedule and responsibility. 

  • Have periodic check-ins.

Check-in on your recruits every week or so for the first few months and ensure they’re well equipped. Speaking to them personally can make them feel more important and motivate them to give you the same energy you give them.  

It is also crucial to take their feedback on their onboarding experience so that you can improve it in the future.