Why having a defined, clear vision will orient you for success

Guys, when was the last time you sat down and really thought about your dreams?

No, I mean really gave it a thought whether what you’re doing right now is aligned with your goals or even what you’d actually like to be doing?

Here’s the thing: We all have a certain (amorphous) idea of what we’d like to achieve in a certain period of time, whether for our business or in our personal life. But sometimes this gets diluted. Which essentially means, the needle stops moving.

I know exactly how that feels.

As a millennial go-getter, I have juggled many roles and donned many hats: corporate boss lady, a mom, and now an entrepreneur with a successful coaching business.

And let me tell you something: it’s hard to slay those goals if you don’t know where to aim.

Enter: Your vision statement.

But first, what exactly is a “vision”?

A “vision” is a defined picture of what you want to achieve in a particular sphere of your life. A vision helps you chase those dreams and opens up your mind to the endless possibilities in the future. Your vision helps you unearth your passions and enables you to implement practical strategies to achieve your goals.

But Savitha, how’s a vision different from my goals?

Good question.

There’s actually a fine line between a vision and your goals.

While both push you towards living your best life, your vision is the “what” and your goals are your “how.”

For example, if your vision is to start making profit after you have break even in your biz, your goals would be small steps like assessing your current financial situation, improving current products or testing new ones, or even overhauling your marketing strategy.

Overall, a strong, clear vision serves two important purposes: prediction and inspiration. That is, you can leverage your vision to understand your market, your product or service, and your business better and make decisions that hit the sweet spot. Moreover, you can bank on your vision to keep you inspired and motivated when you need to fight the good fight.

Because let’s just put it out there: Entrepreneurship is hard, and it’s definitely not for everyone.

But if you have what it takes, your vision will take you and your business places.

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