You’re sold on the branding aspect of your business, I’m sure. Or if you’re working for a brand, you’re busy upholding the tenets of that brand.

But what about personal branding?

What about it, Savitha? Is it really as important  or can I pass?

Let’s just put it this way: personal branding in non-negotiable if you’re an entrepreneur or a working professional in 2020.

Consider the following public figures and how their personal brands helped them pave the path to their success.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah needs no introduction, and she’s pretty much the undeniable queen of personal branding.

Oprah wasn’t accepted with open arms initially, but she refused to budge and built her personal brand on authenticity, consistency, and compassion more than anything else.

Oprah’s net worth is over $2.5 billion and she keeps inspiring people to be their best self by tapping into their own, authentic selves.

Richard Branson

The “tie-loathing adventurer, philanthropist, and troublemaker” icon of modern personal branding, Richard Branson, is one of the most successful entrepreneurs today. And no surprises why.

Branson also built his brand around his vibrant personality. He chose to stand out, throw caution to the wind even, when it came to staying on brand.

He runs a diverse variety of businesses (about 400), has more followers on LinkedIn than anybody else (10.3 million!), and continues to inspire people to achieve their goals without compromising on passion and fun.

Arianna Huffington

The Huffington Post is currently one of the most prominent media sites on the web, but it wouldn’t have reached these heights without founder Ariana Huffington’s strong personal brand and innate ability to foster visibility.

Arianna Huffington has never shied away from expressing her views on politics, however, controversial. And her boldness and confidence has become the corner stone of her personal brand. 

Gary Vaynerchuck

Uber successful marketer Gary Vaynerchuck believes a strong personal brand is the long-term foundation in your career of choosing.  Gary also believes that building a personal brand is an ongoing effort, and it always pays off in the end.

Hi secret to success as a disruptive and wildly successful marketer?

Creating helpful content that helps you stand out among your target demographic. In a world where businesses and even individuals are automatically wired to hard sell, be that person who believes in cultivating a relationship before pitching your products or services.