By Bhumika Ramesh


Your Networth is your Network. Are you networking enough?

We all might have heard that networking is an essential task. It is – for many reasons, such as to keep up with connections. The right people can lead you to the right places.

It is one of the most important assets in your business. Apps and websites such as LinkedIn and Clubhouse make the process of building an expansive network much easier. In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the various benefits networking can provide to an individual.

1. A channel of knowledge

A great advantage of having a big network is that you regularly get to meet new people and transcend the boundaries of having to work in the same environment every day. The more people you meet from different backgrounds and paths, the more you learn about trends in the market and gain plenty of substance to work with as you actively engage with these connections.

2. It can help you go a step further

Many jobs are hardly advertised and this proves to be a hurdle for the common person. Having a large network can get you in through some of those doors, as opportunities usually travel by word-of-mouth.

Such a network can also help you acquire a promotion by recommendations. 

3. You acquire self-confidence

The more people you create connections with, the more frequently you step out of your comfort zone and in this process, you definitely improve your communication and social skills –  this adds to your self-confidence and influences all the other spheres of your life. By venturing to keep trying out new things and meeting new people. You constantly improve your skillset.

4. It builds relationships

The most important part of networking is building those deep connections and constantly investing in them over time. This results in presenting many deep conversations, changing perceptions and giving advice among other factors. Having an invested relationship is never a waste of time – there is always a silver lining.

5. It helps you to better your pitch

With the number of people you meet growing higher, your preciseness to pitch what you do in a very short period of time improves exponentially. Often known as an elevator pitch, your intro of who you are, is a great conversation starter you attend networking events or other conferences. Using an effective pitch has a lasting effect on the conversations you have a role in.

Building networks can assist your journey in plenty of ways and some of the relationships you build last for a lifetime. A wonderful part of the experiences you undergo is probably due to the opportunities provided by your network. It’s never too late to start investing time to develop your networking skills and get a headstart!