By Athena Joseph

A head shot is a tightly cropped portrait of someone, where the focus is on the head and shoulders. Head shots are slightly different from portrait photography.

Head shots are used by businesses to showcase executives and employees on their website.They effectively tell your story, reflect your brand and build trust with your audience. It displays your first point of contact, it’s your first impression, it’s your business, it’s your brand.

A simple head shot plays all these roles and now we know why having good head shots is important for your business. Let’s see a few striking importance of having good head shots:-

  1. First impression is the best impression

First impressions are critical. They can make or break a business. And ensuring you make a great digital first impression (i.e through social media, emails, websites) is crucial. This is the reason why having a good head shot is important when someone visits your networking sites.

  1. Portrays yourself to your name 

Self images are the roots to positive psychology and has its own place and its own importance. You become recognizable and familiar through your head shots. When people from around the world view you as a person, as a figure, then you’re valued more and hence makes others feel comfortable when they are physically around you. 

  1. Customers feel to know more about you

When your social media viewers view your profile, they tend to search for a glimpse of yourself. And this is where the role of having good head shots comes into play. When they know how you look it adds to an extra point on the impressions they make.

  1. Makes your website look more professional

The more consistent images your website has, the more professional it looks to your audience. Adding to this, one excellent head shot of yourself set on all your social media sites makes it clear to your audience that you are a professional. 

  1. Builds trust, confidence and connection

By being visible to your audience and clients, they find it easier to build trust and the easier it is to communicate and connect with you. Good head shots allow your audience to have a better understanding of you and allows them to look at your product or services. This makes marketing much easier.

So, finally tell us if you have good head shots on your social profiles? Leave us a comment below.