By Bhumika Ramesh

We all might question our will and purpose on the days we feel low. With the uncertainties and doubts looming in the air around us during this dynamic and uncertain time, trying to find our purpose may give us a better footing to face the looming world.

Ikigai can help us achieve this. This term can be described in simple terms as the reason why we wake up in the morning – the force that drives us to look forward to the day. 

Once we discover this within ourselves, pursuing it and cultivating it will bring purpose to our lives.

Ikigai is an intersection of 4 spheres: 

  • What we love to do (passion)
  • What we are good at (vocation)
  • What the world greatly needs (mission)
  • What we are given compensation for (profession)

By fulfilling these, ikigai can be found and nurtured.

A person’s ikigai isn’t always stagnant; it changes with one’s perception and ideals. There are quite a few ways we can start finding out our purpose by introducing small changes in our daily routine :

  1. Being present in the moment wholly: By focusing on your presence, you isolate your thoughts and drive them to the most important thing at the moment.

2. Finding bliss in tiny things: Whether it be eating a cup of ice cream or watching your favorite sport are the small joys you should indulge in. This should be cherished. They give you a sense of ease and can be quite satisfying.

3. Accepting oneself: Accepting our flaws and strengths, and understanding our limits and potential is one of the best ways to achieve our goals and use our passion to fulfill them.

4. Finding our purpose is not an overnight task. It takes years to find it and hone it to our satisfaction and happiness.

The more steadfast we are towards finding our Ikigai, the faster solace is found!