By Jivitha Shobashree

You guys want to start making videos for YouTube, Instagram or another platform.

If yes, ask yourselves these question

  • Will I make videos consistently?
  • Do I have the right tools for the content I want to create?
  • Will I continue to use these tools?

You do not need to spend a fortune on buying equipment, here is what you need:


If you’re making videos obviously you’d require a camera. The cameras present on your phones both apple and android have a good quality which you can start off with.

If you want a better camera quality you can buy cam recorder, webcam, action camera, mirror less camera or a DSLR.


Your audio quality should be good so that it compliments your video.

Often the phone’s audio quality isn’t that great so buying an external microphone would be better.

You can start off with a USB microphone, its affordable and has a good sound quality.

If you want a highly versatile and high-quality audio you can go for Shotgun microphone or lapel microphone.


No one likes to see an unsteady video, no matter how good your camera is you need proper stabilization of your camera. The tripod can increase your video quality.


Without proper lighting people get distracted and lose interest in watching. The lighting improves the final quality of the video.

You can buy softbox, umbrella lighting, ring light or on-camera lighting.


Video editing is like icing on the cake, it is a very essential part of video making. You need to find good editing software post-production.

 Adobe premiere pro, Final cut pro X are some of the top video editing software.

invideo, imovie, Videopad etc. are some of the free video editing software available.


Too many videos and photos can take up your storage so the best way is to store them in memory cards.

You can shoot long videos without having to worry about running out of space.

What comes first?

No matter how great or expensive your tools are at the end of the day people come to see videos because of your content. So you should make sure that your content is great others are secondary.

You can start off with the basic camera you have on your phone and a video editing software. If you decide to take your videos to the next level you can then up-level your equipment as well.