By Bhumika Ramesh

Email Marketing is an extremely versatile tool used in the world of advertising and online marketing. Apart from its several other purposes. Email marketing is an excellent strategy to include in your business to up your game. It has proven to be 40% more effective than Facebook Ads. However getting people to sign up for your mailing list might be a little tricky, but the real challenge comes with your open rates.

The higher your open rates, the higher the engagement is. And the higher the possibility of your client purchasing your services or products. Even the smallest changes to your strategy can increase the number of readers, so let’s get into it!

  • Modify your previews -The preview text is what appears after the sender’s name and subject line. It is a wonderful tool to catch the attention of your audience. By having an interesting preview line, you make your email stand out from others in an inbox. Since not all users can see your preview text due to device availability, keep it between 50 – 100 words.

  • Personalization is key – Adding first names to address the client or using your own name can help a lot. People will pay more attention when they see name is being used to address them. Make the email cater to them – pique their interest. This increases the user’s recognition of your emails and those open rates get higher!

  • Timing the sends – Determining when to send out your mails is quite a tricky task and requires experimentation – especially if you cater to several clients over several continents. There is no one best time to send them out. Research your audience, their working hours and the time zones they are in. 

  • Pay attention to your CTA button – The CTA(Call to Action) button exists to help users complete an activity or task such as reaching a website or downloading a guide. Highlighting it is important. Experiment with different texts, backgrounds and overlay designs. If you’re trying to lead the audience to one destination, try to keep only one CTA button in your email. Optimising CTA can lead to a decrease in unsubscribes. 

Email marketing can help make your brand visible, stand out and expand your presence online. In the present digital age, it is one of the most consistent techniques to bring in more users. Hope these tips help you to increase those open rates in your mailing lists!